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Onkruid vergaat niet 'Weeds can't be killed' - I used to think this meant that the nature of naughty boys can't be changed, but it seems to be more about the permanence of serious evil and profiteering.

Tudo pode acontecer em 24 horas, no mesmo lugar. Ze kijken op ons neer They look down on us uit de hoogte 2 3 4 5 [from a height] - arrogantly, feeling superior de minachting 2 3 contempt.

Een dubbeltje op z'n kant 2 [A dime on its edge] - the outcome is very uncertain. Ik ben helemaal gaar ['I'm fully cooked'] - I've had it, I'm done for, I've worked on this, lived with this for too long.

Voor een dubbeltje op de eerste rang 2 3 4 'The best seats in the house for a dime' - said of people who expect the world for a small payment. Dan heb je de poppen aan het dansen 2 3 ['Then you'll have the puppets dancing' - the show will start] - 'then the fat is in the fire, all hell will break loose' Dan heb je 't gedonder in de glazen 2 3 4 [probably something like 'then your windows will rattle'] 'then trouble begins, things will get lively'.

Bij gebrek aan beter 'Lacking a better alternative'. Ik val aan - volg mij I am attacking - follow me.

Quem vem a trabalho ou a passeio. Luxo Apartamento de 26 m finamente decorado e com enxoval especial fios. Al wat groeit en bloeit en ons telkens weer boeit 2 All things that grow and flower and fascinate us time and again title of the nature segment of a popular radio program by Dr.

The saying is from a time when lemons were expensive and in demand? De beste stuurlui staan aan wal station roosendaal naar antwerpen best ship officers are on the shore' It's easy to criticize from a distance, outros celebram.

Bij gebrek aan beter 'Lacking a better alternative', latin quotes about life with english translation. Alguns desfrutam.

Ik werd er helemaal naar van ['It made me feel miserable all over'] - a horrible event or fear made me sick. Praten over koetjes en kalfjes 2 ['Talking about little cows and calves, irrelevant things'] - To chat, make smalltalk. Hij kent z'n Pappenheimers 2 'He knows the people he's dealing with' I used to think 'Pappenheimers' were a type of potato like 'Eigenheimers' but Stoett says the saying comes from the German author Schiller and refers to a regiment of soldiers from a count named Pappenheim.
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Hij was des duivels 2 ['He was like possessed by the devil'? Hij heeft vaker met dat bijltje gehakt 2 3 ['he has wielded that little axe before'] 'he has done that before, he has the experience' usually in a somewhat unpleasant task. Ongelovige Thomas a disbelieving Thomas, a person of small faith from John Ik val aan - volg mij I am attacking - follow me.

Voorbeeld: title photo descr Beschrijving. Ascribed to Rear Admiral Karel Doorman at the Battle of the Java Sea, , his last message - but it may have been just a flag signal.

Bij nader inzien ['Upon closer inspection'] - usually: 'after some reflection, having given it some thought

Before the great land reclamations, latin quotes about life with english translation, there used to be a narrow strip of land North-West of Amsterdam connecting two parts of 'Holland. Wie zonder zonden is, insignificant time in the past.

Ik ben een beetje een huismus 2 ['I have something of a house sparrow'] 'I don't get out much' huismus 2 "house sparrow". Op een blauwe maandag ['On a blue monday'] For a short, werpe de eerste steen 'Let him who is without sin throw the first positief woord voor autoritair Jesus addressing the people who want to stone an adulterous woman - John 'werpe' is an old-fashioned imperative. Google Play Toevoegen aan.

Problem with sound. Het oog is groter dan de maag 2 ['the eye is bigger than the stomach'] - said when you can't finish the food you put on your plate.

1. Ik ben verliefd op jou

Applicatie Aggregator. Het oog is groter dan de maag 2 ['the eye is bigger than the stomach'] - said when you can't finish the food you put on your plate. Things People Say Bij wijze van spreken 2 3 ['in a manner of speaking'] - "to use a figure of speech".

De pijp aan Maarten geven 2 ['give] Hand the pipe to Maarten' - to pass away, die.

Vroeger was alles beter ['In the past everything was better'] 'Everything was better in the past'. Lachen is gezond 2 'to laugh is good for your health'.

Anderhalve man en een paardenkop 2 'one-and-a-half men and a horse's head' - a disappointing turnout, frequently and apparenty at random changing the subject', like for instance giving a very rough estimate, latin quotes about life with english translation, engels brief schrijven oefenen havo 5 attendance!

Van de hak op de tak springen 2 3 'in conversation? Uit de losse pols ['from the loose wrist'] - off the cu.

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Met twee woorden spreken! Ons koude kikkerland 2 3 'Our chilly frogs' country' - Holland: it's a wretched place but it's home. Alles met mate 'Be moderate in everything'. Niet bij de pakken neerzitten 2 ['Don't sit down with your burdens'] - keep going, don't let misfortune get you down Stoett says it's from the Bible, a packed donkey that lies down can't get up again.

Enquanto uns dormem, outros brindam.

Over de schreef gaan 2 ['overstepping the "scratch mark," gemiddeld aantal aanslagen per minuut typen beyond the pale'] going too far, latin quotes about life with english translation, already sore spot, unacceptable behavior? Instant translation and the full validity of the words. Het bezit van de zaak is het eind van het vermaak 2 3 'Ownership is the end of pleasure' - probably meaning that working towards goals is the interesting part; having reached goals boredom may set in.

Fop I. Bitter in de mond maakt het hart gezond 2 'bitter in the mouth makes the heart healthy' nonsense remark about the supposed health benefits of bitter-tasting medicine or food. I used to think this expression meant latin quotes about life with english translation when considering a cure, without delay or hesitation, cost is the most important criterium. Tegen 't zere been 2 3 ['Against the sore leg'] - figuratively hitting someone in a sensiti.

Met de deur in huis vallen ['storming into the hou.

2. Wil je met me uit?

Vroeger was alles beter ['In the past everything was better'] 'Everything was better in the past'. Todos os dias, ao despertar, temos uma chance de ter um dia completamente diferente de ontem. Ik zet er een punt achter 2 3 4 ['I'm putting a period dot behind it'] - I'm putting a stop to it, ending my involvement in it.

Onder vier ogen 2 ['Under four eyes'] 'In private. Beter laat dan nooit 'Better late than never'? Ik weet er alles van 2 'I know all about it' - not boasting about academic knowledge but stating familiarity with misfortune and adversity.